Gratz Scholars Program

The Gratz College Scholars Program is for adults in the community who enjoy learning in an intellectual atmosphere with instructors who are highly regarded experts in their fields. Ongoing courses are offered each semester in a variety of subjects and topics as well as Hebrew and Yiddish language. The Scholars Program also sponsors Distinguished Lecture Series, Yiddish programs, Israeli films and other special events.

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Minimum class size required to run each course. Full tuition payment is due upon registration prior to the start of the first class.  If a cancellation is received at least two days before the course begins, 100% of tuition will be refunded.



Romance and War: The Music of the Victorian Era
Bitters and Bullets: 19th Century Medicine
Secrets and Spies of the Civil War


Most people assume that the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is the epitome of Christian art, but in reality Michelangelo included many Jewish images and symbols within his work. There are many figures and events from the Hebrew Bible depicted, including dramatic representations of the Biblical...

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Semester: Mon-Thurs, June 5-8


The journey from a heder to a modern school was a story of human aspirations and heated controversies. From the 16th century, Galician Jews ventured as far as Italy to attend universities. Nevertheless, the subject of secular education unleashed furious discourse across the Ashkenazi world in...

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While Jews are often seen as “the people of the book” they are also a “people of the body.” This session will look at the history of Jews in relationship to athletics and body image. We’ll focus on the American experience to understand sports in the American context, looking not only at the...

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Superstitions are defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary as beliefs or practices resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, or trust in magic or chance. Belief in superstitions results in an unreasoning fear of nature, the unknown, or God. This program takes a closer look at the origins...

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This course examines the Shoah and its tragic effect on Jews in Europe and the Middle East. Specifically, we will discuss the reaction of liberal Westernizers, Marxists and Nationalists toward the catastrophic events of the Holocaust. We will also discuss the reactions of the fundamentalist and...

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Since the Enlightenment, interpreters of religion in Western culture have typically classified Judaism above other non-Christian religions. In this course we will examine the distinction between Judaism and the ‘savage’ religions and how ancient Israelite or Biblical Judaism was affected by the...

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