Bible Exploratory Experience; Humanistic Values in Act

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Course ID: Jewish Studies 40128B
Division: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies
Program: Jewish Studies (Undergraduate), Jewish Studies (Graduate)
Location: On Campus

The humanist approaches the Bible as a sacred book compiling millennia of oral traditions, written texts, parables, sayings, prayers, psalms, histories and biographies, all examined from a cultural perspective. While the critic is standing on the outside and is looking in, thus examining and judging from the outside, the humanistic approach tries to look from within and define the meaning and the significance of certain Jewish values for those who once lived according to them, and at the same time it attempts to find out whether these values may have meaning and/or application for us today. It tries to make us more humane today through the knowledge and understanding of central human values and experiences in religious life as reflected in the Bible.

Because of the magnitude of the subject at hand, and the vast amount of biblical selections which manifest its humanistic values, we divide the course into two, each one a full 3-credit course.