College Composition-American Jews and Israel

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Course ID: Jewish Studies 20902-OL
Division: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies
Program: Jewish Studies (Undergraduate), Jewish Studies (Graduate)
Location: Currently Offered, Online

This course is designed to teach you to write academic essays and summaries in response to academic texts and other non-fiction reading materials. In this course, we will attempt to gain an understanding of the complex and changing relation of Jews in the United States to Israel by reading and responding to a variety of written texts. We will read two scholarly texts, The Jew Within by Steven M. Cohen and Arnold M. Eisen and New Jews by Caryn Aviv and David Shneer, as well as expository essays, articles, and websites. All the reading materials will be thematically connected so you will be able to use ideas from all types of texts to develop your essays. You will then apply what you have learned to produce a research paper. The major aims of this course are to make you a confident and an effective writer who can respond to a variety of written assignments, and to enable you to successfully handle other college courses.