Holidays Through Horticulture

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Course ID: Jewish Education 40241
Division: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies
Program: Jewish Education (Undergraduate), Jewish Education (Graduate)
Location: On Campus

Holidays Through Horticulture:  Teaching Children about the Yearly Holiday Cycle through Connections to Green Growing Things

The yearly cycle of holidays and their rituals are very familiar to those who work with young children. Often, however, there is a struggle to find “new” activities for the children to do year after year. In this course, we will go back to the “roots” of these holidays by exploring foundations to the agricultural cycle and/or relationships to particular forms and habits of seasonal plants. By tapping into the very rhythm of the earth’s seasons, we can discover with the children an infinite variety of dynamic and authentic concepts that inform our holidays. In addition, we will consider how the contemplation of green growing things can be used to support the children’s developing concepts about God.