How Jewish Law Works: Methodological Approaches

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Course ID: Jewish Studies 40635
Division: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies
Program: Jewish Studies (Undergraduate), Jewish Studies (Graduate)
Location: Currently Offered, On Campus

The primary focus of this course is to teach students proper methodological research in the field of Rabbinics.  The course will offer the tools that are needed in order to study both halakhic (legal) and aggadic (non-legal) material.  This will be further achieved by demonstrating how Jewish law develops and changes over many centuries.  Several mitzvot will be traced from their origins in the Bible, to their Rabbinic interpretations in the Mishnah and Gemara, to their further development in the medieval codes of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and Karo's Shulhan Arukh.  The laws to be studied include subjects that are still relevant today, such as: preserving natural resources; disciplining a rebellious child; gender roles for women and men; and personal liability. (Classical)