Popes, Jews and Blood: from Medieval to Modern Times

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Course ID: 30538-OL
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We will begin our study of the multifaceted connection between Popes, Jews and blood in late medieval Italy, continue to the Renaissance period, and through to the Holocaust and modern times. We will examine conflicts and issues that arose over this 800 year period in Italy, home of the Papacy, including anti-Judaic violence, social and economic segregation, exposure to the "other's" culture, conversionary pressures, and public positions taken by the Papacy. While the Papacy was not always the ruling power, its teachings affected relations between Jews and Christians, which in turn affected the religious, cultural and intellectual existence of Italian Jewish communities. In our final sessions we will question the extent of Papal attack on the emancipation of Jews in Italy, the “silence” of the Papacy during the Holocaust, and how the Papacy relates to the modern state of Israel today.  (M & C)