Teaching the High Holidays-A Window in Time

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Course ID: Jewish Education 40637
Division: Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies
Program: Jewish Education (Undergraduate), Jewish Education (Graduate)
Location: On Campus

"Teshuvah", the daring notion that people can change, is one of the "Gifts of the Jews." Within its universal implications, and together with its status as a daily imperative, Teshuvah is the focus of the Yamim Nora-im, a ten day period of introspection, prayer and the mending of frayed relationships. This seminar-workshop will explore the themes, texts and customs of the Yamim Nora-im and offer pedagogical and other educational strategies designed to maximize the opportunity to serve the needs of Jews who flock to synagogues during this period in the Jewish calendar. Micro-teaching is included. (This course may be taken for Education or Rabbinics credit)