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Aviva Rubinoff

Adjunct Instructor of Jewish Education

Division: Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies
Program: Jewish Education (Graduate), Jewish Education (Undergraduate)

Aviva Rubinoff received her BA degree in special education from Northeastern Illinois University, where she studied under the famed Dr. Janet Lerner. She obtained her Masters Degree in Education from the Institute of Education of the University of London, where she wrote her thesis on teaching Hebrew as a foreign language to dyslexic students.

Aviva has been treating children with learning disabilities for close to thirty years. Today, she is the director of a clinic for learning disabled children in Jerusalem, in which she oversees the diagnosis and remediation of over 100 children on a weekly basis.

Aviva is a senior lecturer in Maalot College for Women in Jerusalem where she also serves as an advisor and supervisor for student teachers in the field of learning disabilities.

Mrs. Rubinoff currently lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Michael and their five children and three grandchildren.