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Danielle Sharon

Dr. Danielle Sharon

Division: Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies
Program: Jewish Studies (Graduate), Jewish Studies (Undergraduate)

Dr. Danielle Sharon is an adjunct instructor of Hebrew in the Jewish studies division of Gratz College. She holds two Masters of Arts degrees from Barry University, Florida, in Jewish studies and in English literature. Her doctorate is from the University of Rome, Italy. Dr. Sharon was an early innovator in the delivery of language courses online, having taught Hebrew online for over fifteen years for diverse colleges such as the Jewish Theological Seminary, Hebrew College, FIU(Florida International University), Rice University, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in addition to her work at Gratz. She is fluent in five languages, allowing her to expand her Hebrew instruction to non-English speakers. For example, one of her courses is in Hebrew instruction for native Spanish speakers. She has taught both Biblical and Modern Hebrew online, and has taught courses in Siddur (liturgical) Hebrew for Gratz College.

Dr. Sharon lives in Miami Beach, Florida, with her husband Ted and her toy poodle, Bubbi.