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Jennifer Marlow, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor in History

Division: Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies
Program: Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Jennifer Marlow received her doctorate in East Central European history from  Michigan State University in May 2014. Her specialty is modern Poland, specifically Polish-Jewish relations during the interwar period and the Holocaust.  Her dissertation, “Polish Catholic Maids and Nannies: Female Aid and the Domestic Realm in Nazi-Occupied Poland," examines the role of Polish Catholic household servants working in interwar Jewish homes and their role in rescue during the Holocaust. She is currently in the process of  revising the dissertation into a book manuscript. She has written the article, “Female Bonds and the Domestic Realm in Holocaust Rescue: The Role of Polish Nannies,” for Yad Vashem’s forthcoming anthology, Hiding, Sheltering and Borrowing Identities as Avenues of Rescue During the Holocaust as well as the chapter, "Life in Hiding and Beyond," in the forthcoming edited volume, Jewish Families in Europe, 1939-Present: History, Representation, and Memory.  In addition to serving as adjunct faculty at Gratz College, Dr. Marlow also teaches at Bethel University.

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