Joshua Gutoff, Ed.D.

Joshua Gutoff, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Jewish Education and Director of the Master of Arts in Jewish Education Program

Joshua Gutoff is  Assistant Professor and Director of the MA program in Jewish Education at Gratz College in Philadelphia. For close to thirty years his research has explored the intersection of reading strategies, spiritual practice, and ethics, and he is currently writing a book on Talmud and the moral imagination.  He received both his rabbinic ordination and his EdD from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Professor Gutoff recorded an ELI Talk in September 2015: The Talmud offers a wealth of valuable lessons on how to live a moral life. Yet, its words don't always impact us as they should. Joshua Gutoff offers us a new method for reading an old text - one which appreciates form as well as content, and - most importantly - opens our imaginations.

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