HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir

Enthusiastic singers are invited to join HaZamir Philadelphia, a chapter of HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir and a proud component of our JCHS program offerings. Sing repertoire spanning 500 years of Jewish musical history; meet your fellow teens from across the US and Israel; perform locally Delaware Valley and in major NYC concert halls. 

Rehearsals follow JCHS classes on Sunday afternoons from 1:15 - 3PM. JCHS high school credit is awarded for participation. Please contact Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman, director of Philadelphia HaZamir, for more information and to register for HaZamir on Sunday afternoons at Gratz College on the Mandell Education campus.

As much as we love making great music, HaZamir is not only about the singing!  It's fun to meet Jewish teens from across the country (and the ocean!) and HaZamir gatherings always have plenty of free time for socializing, good food, and lots of fun.

PLUS 11th and 12th grade HaZamir participants from all over North America have the opportunity to Earn College Credit through our Gratz Academy and JOLT programs by taking our online class, Songs of My People.

Songs of My People Online Class for College Credit

This class is taught by Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman, Gratz College adjunct faculty member and director of Philadelphia HaZamir. Participants throughout North America combine their rehearsal time in their local HaZamir chapters with online classwork.


Throughout history, Jewish communities around the world have used music to express their values and to preserve their traditions. In this class, students will explore the diverse languages, texts and sounds that are part of Jewish culture, and discover the ways in which music has evolved in the wake of geographic location and historical circumstance. Special attention will be paid to the role and development of choral music in Jewish tradition, with particular focus on the repertoire selected for performance by HaZamir.

Register for Songs of My People today!

Please contact Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman with any questions.

Here is a live performance by the full group.