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As the largest pluralistic Jewish community high school in the Philadelphia area, Gratz JCHS offers a full array of educational and social programs for teens.

8th-10th Grade Jewish Identity Program

Specifically designed for 8th - 10th graders moving through important transformative years in their lives.  Through weekend retreats, interactive holiday programs, leadership building opportunities, and a customized educational curriculum; the Jewish Identity Program provides young teens the ability to build a strong basis to their Jewish identity, helping them to be active and engaged Jewish teens and adults.  Many of the program initiatives will allow JCHS students to engage in meaningful community service as well as fulfill graduation National Honor Society requirements.   Students transition easily into our 11th-12th grade pre-collegiate program.

  • Social opportunities to build a network of like-minded teens
  • Mentoring opportunities to assist in planning an individualized program
  • Conversational Hebrew language for all levels
  • Highly credentialed teachers
  • Immersive off campus programming

11th-12th Grade Pre-Collegiate Program

Specifically designed for older teens to learn leadership skills and prepare them to enter Jewish adulthood.  The program gives students the chance to engage with Jewish texts, Hebrew language, and Israel advocacy.  JCHS prepares students for college life through stimulating courses, specific college-bound activities, and the opportunity to earn college credit through Concurrent Enrollment.  Students may earn Teaching Certification and other certificates which prepare them to take on leadership roles within the Jewish community.

  • Course options include: Diploma in Jewish studies, Community and  Reform Teaching Certificates
  • Concurrent Enrollment – college credit opportunities
  • Collegiate preparation and programming
  • Jew-U: College Campus Road Trip
  • Program satisfies high school foreign language requirements
  • Teens build connections with community leaders and national Jewish organizations

For more information on all of the programs, classes and initiatives offered by the Jewish Community High School, please contact us here.

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For future Gratz students, I say to stick with the program. You will realize how fulfilling it is.”

Emily Benoff

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