JCHS Credit System

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JCHS offers various programs, each of which carries certain credit and course requirements. You can select your classes based on your goals. When you complete the requirements of your program, JCHS awards you the relevant diploma or certificate. You can also enroll in programs for personal enrichment or to satisfy synagogue confirmation requirements. JCHS advisors help you select the appropriate courses for you. The more you learn, the more credits you earn.

Teens who were matriculating at different JCHS branches in 2014-2015 or earlier can still earn the certificates they were working towards! As long as you are matriculating at JCHS in some way – whether through our monthly program for 11th -12th graders, through our weekly on campus programs, or through our online classes – you can continue transferring in credits until you reach your goal! Teens who were working towards the Teaching certificate but cannot make it to campus on a weekly basis are welcome to take our Education Class online through our JOLT program.

At JCHS, the more you learn, the more credits you earn.

All certificates and diplomas are awarded to students who complete 12th grade at JCHS.  

  • Shalem Society (92 credits) - JCHS' highest credential.
  • JCHS Community Teaching Certificate (80 credits) - Our most popular program offers certification to teach in synagogue schools. Click here for more information.
  • JCHS Diploma (70 credits)
  • JCHS Certificate of Merit (30-69 credits)
  • JCHS Letter of Credit Recognition (up to 30 credits)
  • Certificate in Camp Counseling and Youth Leadership (14 credits) - Students interested in building skills that can be used in working at Jewish summer camps and Jewish youth organizations gain practical experience, supplemented by relevant coursework.
  • Certificate in Service Learning (14 credits) - Students gain hands-on experience through their involvement in area community service projects while taking courses in history, leadership, and program-planning.
  • Reform Teaching Certificate - This program is a Reform movement-sponsored two-year course of Jewish studies for 11th and 12th grade students who have been Confirmed. Its goal is to train future religious school teachers and leaders for the Reform movement. Click here for more information.
  • Pre-Collegiate Certificate (12 credits) - Students who enroll in a minimum of 1 weekday in both 11th and 12th grade may earn this certificate. Students take at least one Concurrent Enrollment course for college credit. May be earned in conjunction with the JCHS diploma and other certificates.
  • Certificate in Hebrew Language Studies

The Hebrew Program at JCHS is an intensive Hebrew language course of study offered in many levels that emphasizes Hebrew conversation, comprehension and reading skills.
Assessments are conducting prior to student placement.

Students must be enrolled in Hebrew through grade 12 to be eligible. 

20 credits (five years) of continuous enrollment in the Hebrew Language program at JCHS or equivalent (transferring in language credits from a day school).

A passing grade for each year is required.

This Certificate may be earned by JCHS students in addition to a Diploma, Teaching Certificate, or other JCHS certificates, or may be earned on its own.


  • Minimum of 20 credits in total
  • 12 credits in Hebrew language
  • 8 credits in Israel studies courses

Courses may be taken on campus or online.  In lieu of course credit, certain Israel-related experiences may be counted toward the 8 credits in Israel studies:
AIPAC conference:  1 credit
Peer Israel trip:  2 credits  (minimum of 10 day trip.  Longer trips may be transferred for up to 6 credits into the JCHS transcript, however a maximum of 2 may be applied to the Certificate in Israel Studies.  Transfer fees apply.

Gratz College: Education Grounded in Jewish Values

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Going to Gratz has been a great experience. I learned so much and I really enjoyed all of my teachers.”

Alexander Ashery