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When are JCHS JOLT Classes Held?

Jewish Studies classes are "asynchronous," which means they are available 24/7 with no requirement to be in a particular place at a particular time each week.

Hebrew classes have a required live session each week. This time appears on the course list for the particular semester. Students should be sure that they are going to consistently be available at the time their class meets. There is also expected work for Hebrew on students’ own time.

Is there a special orientation for JOLT?

Students who have not taken a JOLT Jewish Studies course previously will participate in an orientation session prior to the start of the semester. Details will be sent upon registration.

Can I Earn College Credits through Gratz College? 

Because JCHS is a part of Gratz College, 11th and 12th graders have the opportunity to register for BA level classes through our Gratz Advance Program. These courses require college-level work and carry additional tuition and fees.

As with all such credits, acceptance of transfer credits is subject to each college’s or university’s own requirements. Students interested in the Gratz Advance Program will be sent information and requirements upon registration.

Is Special Equipment Needed?

No. A computer, internet connection and word processing technology are all that is needed. Our virtual classroom is open 24/7, allowing students to access lectures, assignments and class discussions at any time.

I attend JCHS on campus. Am I eligible to take a JOLT course in addition?

Local JCHS students may take JOLT courses in addition to their regular branch studies, in order to earn additional JCHS credits. Please consult your branch director. JOLT tuition and fees are in addition to any other JCHS tuition.

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