JCHS Staff & Administration

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At Gratz, we like to think of ourselves as one big, extended family. Our staff and administrative personnel are here to make you feel at home - and to help you get the most out of your educational experience here.

Ruth Schapira, M.A., CJE
Director, JCHS
215-635-7300 x 118

Rabbi Erin Hirsh
Director, Mandell Branch on Tuesday
215 635 7300 x 183

Lunnie Hulnick, M.A. J.C.S.
Director, Chester County Branch at Kesher Israel
215-635-7300 x 5

Rabbi Adam Lavitt
Head Teacher, Beth El Branch
215 635 7300 x 5

Rabbi Dov Lerner, M.H.L. , D.D.
Director, Reading Branch
215-635-7300 x 5

Oxman, Andrea, B.S.
Director, Student Support Services
215-635-7300 x 222

Luba Pridachin, B.S.
Administrative Assistant
215-635-7300 x 135

Yael Sandler,
Head Teacher, Western Branch at Beth David
215 635 7300 x 5

Michael Schatz, M.Ed., M.A.J.Ed., CJE
Director of Academic Programs
Director, Mandell Branch on Sunday
215-635-7300 x 267

Julie Sinyakova, M.Ed.
Operations Manager
Director, Student Records
215-635-7300 x 113

Weissbach, Shira, B.A.
Director, Temple Sinai Branch
215-635-7300 x 5

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