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Annual Fee & Tuition Schedule 2013-2014 ~ 5774



Registration begins May 13th

  • Enroll by July 31st and secure this year’s tuition rate until your teen graduates from JCHS!
    Just think, up to FIVE years of a secured tuition rate! Continued enrollment required.
  • Pay in full (credit cards not accepted) until June 30th and receive a 5% discount off tuition!
  • Upon being Confirmed students will receive from their Rabbi a $36 ConGratz! Gift Certificate towards tuition

No exceptions will be made!  Take advantage of these enrollment values!


Tuition for all on-campus programs is for the entire academic year, and includes early electives (an extra class)and all copy fees. Also included is grade-specific programming. Please see which option is best for your teen based on his/her goals and the Certificates he/she might want to earn. For information on our program offerings, click here.

General Program

2 days a week: Best option
leading to Certificate Programs


Sunday morning


1 evening a week
(also for Reform movement Teaching
Certificate Program)


Service Learning Class
(includes material fees)


For JCHS students taking any other academic course on-campus, or online: *Special Rate

Sibling Discount $50 per enrolled student

Concurrent enrollment in
college credit courses
(Equivalent to 3 undergraduate college credits)

Special rate for on-campus JCHS students


Education Class for Day School Students


Note:  Students must submit related Gratz College application. Course fees for JCHS students are subsidized by Gratz College and will be billed separately once courses are finalized and Gratz College application is received.

JOLT Jewish Online Learning for Teens. Tuition includes $75 technology fee.   

Course - One Semester


Course - Two semesters


FEES (not included in tuition):

Registration (non-refundable) 
must be paid in full with application


Student Activity Fee


Senior Fees (for credentials,
commencement, picture, yearbook)


Materials fees for Art & Cooking classes
 (will be billed after classes are finalized)


Additional Information

Books are on branch course listings available at . Gratz JCHS contracts with FACTS to manage the tuition collection process. Payment Plan fees vary and depend upon plan chosen.

NOTE: Tuition does not cover the cost of the JCHS program for your student. Please make a donation at or through your FACTS payment method.

Student Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawals from the school must be done in writing and sent to the JCHS Main Office in Melrose Park.

Schedule of Refunds

Up until the 2nd session, tuition owed Gratz College


Up until the 3rd session, tuition owed Gratz College


Up until the 4th session, tuition owed Gratz College



TZEDAKAH:  Tuition covers only 55% of total JCHS expenses.  The balance is covered by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, budgetary support from Gratz College and fundraising.  In order to allow us to keep tuition costs down, please consider a tax-deductible contribution to JCHS to help maintain the quality and vitality of the JCHS experience.  For your information, tuition costs for comparable programs in Boston, New York and Los Angeles currently exceed $2,000 annually.

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Thank you JCHS for pushing me to find my place in the Jewish community and making it a fun ride.”

Leila Naitove

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