Joel Sloane “Dreamscapes”

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JOEL W. SLOANE "Dreamscapes"

Gratz College Leona P. Kramer Gallery

January 13th to February 28th

Opening Reception:

Tuesday, January 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm


About Joel Sloane
My art and experience as an artist has evolved over the past seven years through my participation at the Whitemarsh Art Center in Lafayette Hill.  As a board director and former president, I focused my efforts on growing and expanding the Art Center as a community resource.  
In recent years I have been developing digital art inspired by spiritual teachings and symbols found within Judaism and other world traditions.  My work can be seen as a blending of paths, drawing on archetypal and natural forms to bring beauty and peace into the world.
I encouraged people to take time to develop their own personal creativity and self-expression through art education.  Support the Arts with your appreciation, money and most importantly with your own involvement with the Arts and the process of Creation.

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