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At age 21, a 2 year "sentence" as an "army wife" in Germany seemed like a life time and major interruption to Mickie Rosen’s fine art education and a budding career as a fashion illustrator. Little did she know that she would win a Ziess Icon Camera in Germany and have the time of her life shooting pictures all over Europe. Years later a trip to Japan introduced her to Nikon 35mm film cameras and range of lenses at irresistibly low prices. Thereafter her photographic interests focused mainly on capturing her children and grandchildren as they grew, recording special occasions and wonderful vacations. All along though, she enjoyed turning macro images into abstractions that left the origin of the photo a mystery.
Mickie's only "formal" education in photography was one course at Tyler School of Fine Art, where she earned my BFA Degree at age 38. That course challenged her to shoot photos in series and introduced her to the darkroom. After Tyler she went on to receive a M.S. Degree in Art Therapy from Hahnemann University where she continued as a faculty member in the Creative Arts Therapy Graduate Program until 1992. For the next 32 years she worked as an art therapist and group psychotherapist. Both prior to and since her retirement in 2000, she has exhibited her prints and oil pastel paintings widely in numerous juried/group exhibitions and 18 solo exhibitions, the more recent shows have displayed her digital fine art photography.
Mickie is proud that this new medium has won many awards including the Judges Award for a Body of Work at the 19th Phillips Mill Annual Juried Photography Exhibition, the Committee Award at the 20th Phillips Mill Annual Juried Photography Exhibition and Best of Show at the 60th Tri/State Artists Equity Exhibition at the Berman Museum. In 2011 she was awarded the Best of Show at the Churchville Photography Club's 21st Open Competition. She has won a Merit Awards 3 Single Image Contests for her photages that appeared in Black and White Magazine Special Issues #80,  #95 and #101.


Printmaking and drawing had been my media of choice until photography and the digital darkroom captured my interest. Most digital photographers are interested getting their best image in camera, spending little time in post processing on the computer. I on the other hand take great pleasure in spending numerous hours exploring the endless possibilities that digital technology has made available to me as a fine artist. The happy accidents that occur when experimenting with the tools in Photoshop parallel the surprise and excitement that happens when pulling a print off my etching press.
Creating realistic photographic compositions is not my primary intention when I shoot with a Sony NEX7 or Canon S100. My aim is to collect a wide range of subjects and textures that may be combined with other photos or elements from my drawings, monotypes, or collagraphs. These mixed media works I call "Photages". I enjoy compositing and/or transforming what the camera captures, looking for similarities in the shapes and forms in nature or structures of man. With Photoshop CC as my brush and photographs as my palette, I strive to create work that maintains the qualities of my drawings, etchings or silkscreen prints. I like play "Hide and Seek" with the viewer in my images to evoke a sense of mystery and the surreal.

Mickie Rosen • 215-376-0226 • www.mickierosen.commrosen70@comcast.net

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