Prof. Joseph Davis participates in the 45th Annual Conference for Association of Jewish…

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Professor Joseph Davis has been invited to participate in a panel discussion to take place at the 45th Annual Conference of the Association of Jewish Studies to be held at the Sheraton Boston from Sunday, December 15 through Tuesday December 17, 2013. The topic of the panel discussion is "Biblical Scholarship in Midievil and Early Modern Ashkenaz: New Dimensions."



Chair: Naomi Grunhaus, Yeshiva University;

‘Minding the Gap’: Tracing Biblical Exegesis in  Medieval Ashkenaz a Century after Poznanski
Ephraim Kanarfogel, Yeshiva University

Virtual Conversations: 12th Century Jewish and Christian Bible Exegesis in Northern Europe
Isaac Gottlieb, Bar-Ilan University

Evolving Canon: Rashi Supercommentary in Late Medieval and Early Modern Ashkenazic Biblical Scholarship
Eric Lawee, Eric, Bar-Ilan University

The Range of Bible Reception among Early Seventeenth Century Ashkenazi Jews
Joseph M. Davis, Gratz College