College Courses Available for Audit

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You are invited to audit a college course – 15 week on-campus courses.
Spring classes begin the week of January 13, 2014

For more information, please contact Hope Matles,, 215-635-7300 x172
Auditor fees: $400 per class- Discounted for Scholar Program students

Business and Workplace Ethics - Rabbinics 30604
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.  Tuesday, 12:25 pm - 3:13 pm

The issue of business ethics has been prominent in the news recently because several large American corporations have been accused of serious fraud violations. Jewish law contains a great deal of discussion concerning business practices and business ethics, and the current climate is an especially urgent one in which to study these sources. The primary focus of this course is to study Biblical and Rabbinic sources and analyze how issues of business ethics develop historically in Jewish legal texts. Some topics for discussion include:honesty in business; honest merchandizing; business fraud in Jewish law; labor law; competition; fair profits; loans and interest; insider trading; and health and safety issues. (Classical/Modern)

Perspectives on American Judaism - Thought 30705
Joseph Davis, Ph.D.   Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 9:18 pm

While rooted in the philosophies of past generations, American Judaism has emerged in the twenty-first century as a multi-denominational enterprise. In addition to studying the social history, theology and organizational development of various American Jewish movements' guests representing Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Hasidic and New Age points of view will discuss their vision and spiritual and ritual practice of Judaism.  The role of God, prayer, commandments and obligations in a volunteristic community, creation of new life cycle rituals and the impact of the Jewish feminist movement on American Judaism will all be explored. (Modern)