FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

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Do the Judaic course materials focus on a particular branch of Judaism?

No. Gratz prides itself on being a non-denominational campus. Our Judaic Studies courses reflect all branches of Judaism. Our student body is also comprised of a wide range of religions and nationalities.

What is the student:faculty ratio at Gratz?

Students benefit from smaller classes and personalized attention at Gratz. Our student:faculty ratio averages 11:1.

Where do I purchase my textbooks?

Students are expected to purchase their own textbooks, either on-line or else in bookstores.

How do I know what books I’ll need for my classes?

Required and recommended textbooks and supplementary readings and their International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or author, title, publisher and copyright along with their retail price information for each course will be listed on our site at the time of registration.

How do I order transcripts?

Transcript may be ordered by mail, fax or in person from the Office of Student Records. Transcript requests require the student’s signature. Details are available here.

Is there a cost for using the campus library?

No, but you will need to obtain a free library card in order to check out materials. You can fill out the form online to request a card.

Are computers available in the library for student use?

Internet access is available through library computers. The entire campus is also equipped with Wifi.

What are the library hours?

Library hours vary month to month; for our current hours, visit the Tuttleman Library section on our site. Hours are posted every Monday morning for the week on the library's Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/gratzcollegelibrary

What kind of tutoring is available to students?


When is graduation and how do I participate?

Commencement varies each year, but typically is held on the third Sunday in May. Check our Academic Calendar for details.

What scholarships are available?

Numerous scholarships are available to Gratz students. For application information, contact the director of financial aid, 215-635-7300 x185 or via email at finaid@gratz.edu.

How do I apply for student loans?

Visit our Financial Aid section for details.

How do I access my Gratz account?

Go to Current Students. Login links for WebStudy and Student Email will be availible here. 

How much is tuition at Gratz?

Current tuition and fees are listed in our Tuition and Fees section.

How can I pay my tuition and other fees?

Our Business Office handles tuition payments. Information on Gratz College tuition payment is available here. For information on Jewish Community High School tuition payment, call 1-800-609-8056.

What is the Gratz College Payment Plan?

The plan is designed to budget current educational expenses not covered by any type of financial aid. It is similar to any other type of installment plan.

How do I apply for financial aid?

To find out if you qualify, visit our Financial Aid section or contact the Director of Financial Aid, 215-635-7300 x185 or email finaid@gratz.edu.

Campus Life

Do I need a parking permit to park on campus?

On-site parking is available; no permit is required.

Does the campus have free WiFi access? If so, how do I obtain the access code?

Yes. The campus has free WiFi, and the access code is listed in key places on campus.

What kind of security does the campus have?

The Gratz College Maintenance Department, in conjunction with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, maintains the building and grounds with utmost concern for safety and security. During times when the facility is closed, the building is monitored by ASG Security.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency on campus?

Fire alarms are positioned throughout the building and should be used in the event of an emergency. Contact the receptionist for further help.

What do I do if I get sick or hurt on campus?

Contact the Reception Desk, 215-635-7300 x100.

If I lose something on campus, is there a lost and found?

Contact the Reception Desk, 215-635-7300 x100.

New & Prospective Students

Where is Gratz located?

We’re located at 7605 Old York Road, Melrose Park, PA 19027 - just 10 miles north of Philadelphia.  For questions about the campus, contact the Office of Enrollment Management at 215-635-7300 x 140.

Do you hold a new student orientation? If so, when?

Separate orientations are held for our fall, spring and summer semesters. Check our Academic Calendar for details.


How do I enroll at Gratz College?

You can apply online from the Admissions section of our site.

How do I obtain a catalog and schedule of classes?

Our course offerings and schedules are available online.

Will I be issued a student ID?

Yes. Student IDs are handled by the Offices of Enrollment Management and IT.

Student Life

Is on-campus housing available?

No, but many resources are available to guide you in finding housing that fits your needs. 

Among these options is www.apartmentlist.com, HotPads, Rent.com. and Zillow, all notable websites to begin your housing search. 

What student organizations are on campus?

The Student Governing Board plans social, cultural, religious and educational activities and events throughout the year. For more information about student life at Gratz, contact our Office of Academic Affairs, 215-635-7300 x172.

How do I start a club at Gratz?

Contact our Office of Academic Affairs, 215-635-7300 x172.

Are religious services held on campus?

No, but our campus is located on the Old York Road corridor, home to eight congregations offering a variety of services in all branches of Judaism.

Support Services

Do you offer on-site child care?

No, but many resources are available in the community. A good place to start is with Federation Early Learning Services, a neighboring agency on the Mandell Education Campus. Additional resources are available through the Montgomery County Human Services Center; Child Care Works, 1-877-472-5437; and day care financial assistance, 1-800-281-1116.

Is counseling is available to students?

Yes. Gratz offers career counseling and referrals for personal counseling. Contact our Office of Enrollment at 215-635-7300 x 140. For more information, contact us online or call our main office, toll free in the U.S., at 800-475-4635.