Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies

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120 credits (40 courses) distributed as follows:

  • 14 courses (42 credits) in Liberal Arts, specifically including an English Writing course and an American or European History/Civilization course.
  • 25 courses (78 credits) in Jewish Studies, with the following distribution requirements
    • 3 courses in Classical Jewish Studies (a combination of courses in Bible, Rabbinics, and Medieval Studies) – 9 credits
    • 3 courses in Modern Jewish Studies ( a combination of courses in Modern History, Modern Thought, Modern Literature, Music, Contemporary Jewish Studies, and Medieval Studies) – 9 credits
    • 4 courses in Hebrew language (15 credits)
    • 15 courses in Jewish Studies Electives (45 credits)


Students have the option of majoring in one particular subject area by taking 18 credits of Electives in the fields of Bible, History, Literature, Rabbinics, Modern Thought or Contemporary Jewish Studies.
Students who choose to major in a specific field must also take courses that are outside their major (e.g., Bible majors must take courses in Rabbinics and Medieval Studies to fulfill the 9-credit requirement in the Classical Period).