Technology in Education

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Today's students are more digitally savvy than ever before. That means today's educators must keep pace with technological advances in order to remain relevant and compelling in the classroom. The Educational Technology program at Gratz takes the mystery out of digital media, giving participants the knowledge - and confidence - to incorporate cutting-edge techniques in classroom settings.

Designed for full-time educators, the program provides hands-on learning to:

  • Successfully bridge the worlds of GenNet and the classroom
  • Enhance classroom dynamics with digital communication and collaboration tools
  • Develop and use multimedia for teaching and assessment
  • Encourage problem solving through digital game design and play
  • Explore the "Smart" classroom, mobile learning and assistive technologies
  • Research, design, implement and evaluate a technology project in an educational setting of your choice.
  • Graduate Certificate

We are currently not accepting new students into the Educational Technology Program. 

For courses in Educational Technology, please see our current course offerings.