B.A./ M.A. in Judaism and Human Rights | Gratz College

B.A./ M.A. in Judaism and Human Rights

B.A./ M.A. in Judaism and Human Rights

The BA/MA program in Judaism and Human Rights is for those students who are committed to combining the Jewish values of social justice and the equality of all people with the desire to further the cause of Human Rights, which is especially urgent in today’s troubled world.

“Human Rights” refers to the basic rights of dignity and equality that belong to all human beings, regardless of gender, sex, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, or any other status as established through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. People who have the knowledge and expertise to promote human rights and understanding are increasingly in demand in a world that is in desperate need of these skills. Courses in the dual program are chosen from a variety of fields that focus broadly on religious understanding, human dignity, human rights, social justice, and an appreciation for the diversity of the human experience.

BA students must have accumulated 60 undergraduate credits elsewhere to be eligible to enter the BA/MA program at Gratz and can graduate with both degrees in as little as 3 years. Students who wish to pursue the BA only are also welcome.

There is still time to register for Spring A (January 4 to March 2).  Apply now!