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the center for

Holocaust Studies and Human Rights

The Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights offers students the opportunity for graduate study in fields that address the universal human problems of hatred, bigotry, religious intolerance, inequality, and violence. The need is especially great in our world today for educated leaders, teachers, and scholars who have the knowledge and skills to address these challenges.
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The Center is composed of three graduate programs which work collaboratively to prepare students for confronting these universal problems from a variety of perspectives:

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program focuses specifically on why the Holocaust and other genocides occurred, how malignant ideas and discriminatory religious teachings laid the foundation for such hatred and mass murder, and what we need to do to stop the genocides that are still occurring in our world. A Graduate Certificate, an M.A., and a Ph.D. are offered in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies program.

The Human Rights Program is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the United Nations in 1948 and focuses on where its principles are applied in the world and where these principles are still not observed or permitted. A Graduate Certificate and an M.A. are offered in the Human Rights program.

The Interfaith Leadership Program is devoted to educating people about religious differences, and how becoming skilled in interfaith dialogue and interfaith understanding can make a difference in putting an end to religious misunderstanding, hatred, and violence. A Graduate Certificate and an M.A. are offered in the Interfaith Leadership program.

Students may concentrate in one program, or they may choose to combine these three programs as part of their graduate study. This will allow students to create a self-directed program that meets their individual needs, professional goals, and intellectual interests. In addition, students may incorporate coursework from other Gratz programs, such as Education or Non-Profit Management, if they wish to focus on teaching in these areas, or wish to work for a museum, a human rights institute, or an interfaith organization.

Meet the  Director

Dr. Ruth Sandberg has devoted her academic career to fostering better relations between people of differing faiths and backgrounds and working toward a more equitable and just world. 

A portrait of Christopher Anderson

My studies at Gratz College brought to completion several years of research and reflection ... It invited me to question my faith, my vocation, my theological understandings, thereby challenging me in my role as chair of the Holocaust Center board where I live and as a serving pastor in the Lutheran Church.— pastor christopher D. anderson, '20, M.A. in holocaust + genocide studies