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Gratz College
Gratz College
Gratz College
Gratz College

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a sampling of past cle courses and instructors

  • Introduction to Immigration Policy and Recent Changes 
    Justin Mixon, Esq, Katelyn M. Hufe, Esq, 
  • Autism Services and the Law in Pennsylvania
    Panel Discussion: PA Health Law Project, Disability Rights Pennsylvania
  • Development Rights (and Fights) Under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
    Amee Smith Farrell, Esquire         
  • Biblical Jurisprudence
    Professor George Fletcher
  • Religion and the Law
    Professor Perry Dane
  • Following the Trail to Dead City
    Raymond J. Dowd, Esquire
  • IBM and the Holocaust: Legal and Ethical Implications
    Mr. Edwin Black
  • After We Die: Rights and Rites of the Human Cadaver
    Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ph.D. and Professor Norman L. Cantor
  • Entertainment and Ethics: The Grit behind the Glamour
    Simon Rosen Esq. and Rabbi David Ackerman
  • Victim Rights: Civil Prosecution for Criminal Harm
    Arthur Bugay, Esq.
  • The Dilemma of the Abolitionist
    Judge Hon. Mark I. Bernstein and Hon. Controller Alan Butkovitz
  • Watercooler Woes: Laws for the Workplace
    Alan B. Epstein, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D
  • Estate Planning in the 21st Century
    Alan J. Mittelman, J.D.
  • Murder, Rape and Therft
    Bradley S. Bridge, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Punishment
    Stanton M. Lacks, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Ethics of Business Law
    Maurice Mitts, J.D.
  • From God's Mouth to Jefferson's Pen
    Sheldon Seligsohn, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Separation or Convergence: Marriage and Divorce in Jewish Law and PA Statutes
    Judith Widman, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D
  • From Mount Sinai to Taft-Hartley
    Daniel Cohen, J.D.
  • Ancient Jewish Ethics and Modern Legal Practice
    Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Professional Negligence: Medical and Legal Malpractice
    Allan H. Gordon, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • The Holocaust Cases: Corporate Liability Under International Law
    Stephen A. Whinston, J.D. and Carey R. D'Avino, J.D.
  • Armed Conflict in Jewish and American Law
    Air Force Lt. Colonel Lisa Turner, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Capital Punishment: In Pursuit of Justice
    Maurice Mitts, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Mediation and Shalom: Conflict Resolution in Jewish Tradition and Contemporary Practice
    Rabbi Adam J. Berner, J.D.
  • Life, Death and Taxes
    Mark Blaskey, J.D., Victor Levy, J.D., Douglas Fendrick, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Shalom Bayit Shattered: Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
    Rochelle Bobman, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Abortion and Judaism: From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Law
    Kathryn Kolbert, J.D. and Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D
  • Bankruptcy: Ethics and Policy
    Samuel H. Becker, J.D., Harry T. Lamb, J.D., Eric L. Frank, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Islamic Law from the Past to the Present
    Mark David Welton, JD LLM SJD
  • Estate Planning/Philanthropy: A Jewish Approach
    Matthew H. Kamens, JD
    Nina L. Cohen, JD
    Michael Balaban, MPA MAJCS
  • Brass Tacks for Working with Non-Profits
    Cory G. Jacobs, JD LLM CPA
    Carolyn s. Nachmias, JD
  • The Holocaust and the Law
    Harry Reicher, LLM
  • Protecting Human Rights and Civil Liberties during Wartime
    Susan L. Burke, Esq.
    Peter Ryan, Esq.
    Alan E. Garfield, Esq.
  • After 9/11:  The Victim Compensation Fund Law
    Kenneth Feinberg, J.D.
  • Jews on Trial
    Bruce Afran, J.D.
    Robert Garber, J.D.
    Sally Steinberg-Brent, J.D.
    Lynne Kessler Lechter, J.D. (Presented by Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D., in her absence)
  • Intelligent Design on Trial
    Eric Rothschild, J.D.
    Stephen G. Harvey, J.D.
    Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Sexual Harassment in Jewish and American Law
    Bettina B. Plevan, J.D.
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • The First Amendment vs. Violent Bigotry
    Michael Lieberman, J.D.
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Cities of Asylum: Current Issues in Refugee Law
    Gideon Aronoff, J.D.
    Mark Hetfield, J.D.
  • Taxation and Torah
    Kenneth Ryesky, J.D.
  • Jewish Legal Procedure and the Trial of Jesus
    Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Women, the Workplace and the Law
    Phyllis Horn Epstein, J.D., J. Earl Epstein, J.D., and Arline Jolles Lotman, J.D.
  • You Must Not Destroy: Jewish and American Environmental Law
    Joseph M. Manko, Sr., J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Child Custody: Battle of the Break-up
    Richard I. Moore, J.D., Rabbi Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Adoption Law: Love and Legislation
    Samuel C. Totaro, Jr., J.D. and Rabbi Robyn Frisch, Esq.
  • Am I My Neighbor's Keeper?
    Marshal Granor, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Israel, the Internet and the First Amendment
    Lynne Kessler Lechter, J.D., Ernest Sasso, J.D. and J. Michael Considine, Jr., J.D.



  • The International Criminal Court: Dealing with the Unimaginable; the Statute, its Impact and Relevance
    Panel Discussion: Enid H. Adler, Esq., Fatou Bensouda, Roger S Clark, John Washburn
  • Getting a Get: Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce in Jewish and American Law
    Rabbi Yona Reiss, Esq. and Julia Swain, Esq. 
  • Ethical Challenges in Estate Planning
    Robert S. Balter, J.D, LLM.
  • Justice by The Book: Trial Conduct & Courtroom Practice in Jewish and American Law
    Rabbi David Ackerman and Professor Edward Ohlbaum
  • Confidentiality and Ethical Dilemmas in Jewish and American Law
    Lawrence J. Fox, Esq.

    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Sponsors of Terror: Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 Attacks
    Stephen A. Cozen, Esq.
    Sean Carter, Esq.
  • The Mind of the Murderer: Psychological Testing and Testimony for Court
    Robert L. Sadoff, M.D.
    Frank Dattilio, Ph.D.
  • Ethics in the Workplace: Legal and Religious Perspectives
    Edward D. Zinbarg, MBA, Ph.D., D. Litt
    Christopher J. Murphy, Esq.
  • It Takes a Village: Real Estate/ Property in Jewish and American Law
    Rabbi Joshua Kalev
    Carl N. Weiner, Esq.
    Adam D. Zucker, Esq.
  • Notions of Constitutionalism: United States-Israel-Bible
    Professor Burton Caine
  • Self-Incrimination in Jewish and American Law
    Professor Samuel J. Levine
  • Professional Responsibility: A Jewish Perspective on American Codes of Ethics
    Professor Samuel J. Levine
  • Identity Theft: What Attorneys Need to Know
    District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman
    Deputy DA Steven Latzer
    Detective Michael Gilbert
  • What’s $50 Billion Between Friends? Corporate, Brokerage and Hedge Fund Fraud
    Debra Speyer, Esq.
    Moses L. Pava, Ph.D.
    Michael Byrne, Esq.
  • Reclaiming Nazi-Looted Art: One of World War II’s Unfinished Battles
    Lawrence M. Kaye, Esq.
  • In Hot Pursuit: Prosecution of Art Theft and Fraud
    Jennifer Kreder, Esq.
  • Be Fruitful and Multiply: Assisted Reproduction in Jewish and American Law
    Rabbi Elliot Dorff, Ph.D.  and Lawrence Kalikow, J.D.
  • Political and Corporate Corruption
    Bruce Afran, Esq.
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Crime/Punishment in Jewish and American Law
    Robert A. Zauzmer, Esq.
    Laurel F. Grass, Esq.
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Protecting Human Rights and Civil Liberties during Wartime
    Susan L. Burke, Esq.
    Peter Ryan, Esq.
    Alan E. Garfield, Esq.
  • Animal Rights in Jewish and American Law
    Richard H. Elliott, Esq.
    Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Borat: Legal Learnings for Make Benefit CLE
    Justin B. Wineburgh, Esq.
    Brendan P. Bovaird, Esq.
    Rabbi Seth Frisch
  • Doing Business in Israel—Legal Considerations and Incentives
    Yair S. Shiran, Israel’s Economic Minister to North America
    Ari Afilalo, Esq.
    Ephraim Schmeider, Esq.
    Shaun Snitman, Esq.
    Debbie Buchwald, Esq.
  • Medical Malpractice in Jewish and American Law
    Fredric L. Goldfein, Esq.
    Steven F. Friedell, Esq.
  • The Rights of Children, Parents and Grandparents in Jewish and American Law
    Marsha Levick, Esq.
    Sarah Katz, Esq.
    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
  • Holocaust Restitution: Issues and Ethics
    Michael J. Bazyler, JD
  • Genocide and Justice:  Nuremberg to Iraq
    Harry Reicher, LLM
  • Whose Jersusalem?
    The Status of Jerusalem in International Law

    Harry Reicher, LLM
  • The Iranian Threat & International Response
    Ilan Berman, JD
  • Legal Aspects of Counterterrorism
    Professor Amos Guiora, JD
  • Personal Injury, Product Liability and Forensic Investigation
    Jeffrey M. Scott, J.D.
    Jeffrey M. Kolansky, J.D.
    Lewis Mifsud, Ph.D., P.E. 
  • Body and Soul: End-of-Life Issues in Jewish and American Law
    Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D. and Norman Cantor, J.D.
  • Being Prepared: Elder Law and Eldercare Planning
    Stephen A. Feldman, J.D. and Paul L. Feldman, J.D.
  • Anatomy of Not-for-Profit Financing
    Gary Jaffe, J.D., Glenn D. Fox, J.D., J. Scott Maxwell, J.D. and John A. Rule, J.D.
  • Defeating Terrorism with the Law
    Nathan Lewin, J.D. and Alyza D. Lewin, J.D
  • Personal Injury Practice: Past, Present and Future
    Steven G. Wigrizer, J.D. and Rabbi Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
  • Israel: An International Crossraod for Business
    Alon Kaplan, J.D.
  • Israeli Law: Synagogue and State
    Rabbi Yaakov (Joel) Katzin, J.D.
  • Hot Topics in American Constitutional Law
    Larry Frankel, J.D.