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Gratz College
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Dual Enrollment

Are you a high school junior or senior interested in getting a head start on your college education?

Are you a school administrator looking to enhance your school’s or district’s post-secondary offerings?

Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows pre-collegiate students to take postsecondary coursework and simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma, a career certificate, and/or a college degree. 

Dual enrollment can have a positive impact on high school academics, high school graduation rate, college enrollment, college success, and college completion rate. It can also help reduce time to degree, meaning how long it takes students to complete their college degree, saving them time and money. Dual enrollment is expanding nationwide and offered in many high schools in the United States. “Approximately 88% of high schools offer dual enrollment, and 34% of U.S. students take college courses in high school” (US DOE). 


Timeless Education for the 21st Century Learner 

Gratz College has a rich history in offering advanced learning to high school students, since its founding in 1895. The College specializes in providing highly engaging online dual enrollment courses for high school juniors and seniors. Gratz also partners with schools and programs from across the country and world to provide courses online or at school directly in approved states.   Gratz College opens doors to undergraduate programs, offering non-matriculated students a chance to earn college credits. These credits can later be submitted for transfer at other accredited colleges and universities, expanding your academic opportunities. Gratz College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Want to learn more? 

Sydra Minkoff writing outdoors

Despite my busy schedule with sports and clubs, I have been able to fit in Gratz courses for five years. The Jewish education I have received has strengthened my ability to think critically in my Dual Enrollment classes which count for college credit.

— Molly Cohen, Student

a teenage girl in a field hockey uniform smiling holding a field hockey ball and stick.

Transfer Credits 

Non-matriculated students participating in Gratz’s undergraduate-level programs understand that all credit transfer decisions are at the discretion of the students’ eventual host college and its academic departments. The following is a partial list of colleges and universities that have accepted students’ Gratz College undergraduate-level transcripts for credit.  

  • American University   
  • Harvard University  
  • Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)   
  • Muhlenberg College   
  • NYU   
  • Rutgers University   
  • Salem State University   
  • The Ohio State University   
  • Touro University  
  • UC Santa Barbara   
  • University of Chicago    
  • University of Florida   
  • University of Hartford   
  • University of Massachusetts   
  • University of New Orleans   
  • University of Pittsburgh   
  • West Chester University  

Gratz College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

*Every college and university determines its own criteria for accepting the transfer of credit earned at another institution, and these criteria may change from time to time. Accordingly, Gratz College cannot guarantee that credits earned for our college-level courses will be accepted by another institution. Please review the credit transfer policy of any institution where you might be interested in transferring Gratz College credits.