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Online Graduate, Undergraduate and Continuing Education Programs

Degree and Certificate Programs

Gratz College serves the entire educational community offering online graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs, as well as learning opportunities for adults and teens.

Inspiring and Challenging
Gratz College provides you with a unique learning experience tailored to your needs and interests. Enjoy a customized curriculum, flexible learning options, and a supportive, engaged community of learners.

With a focus on innovation and flexibility, Gratz College offers degrees and certificate programs online. Earn your degree with courses that will stimulate your thinking, advance your career, and support your values. Summer Institute invites you to experience accelerated courses on campus and in the classroom.

History and Leadership
Gratz College has been preparing students to become leaders in their professions and communities for over a century. Gratz employs renowned faculty from around the world to engage students in rigorous, thought-provoking study.

 We provide a high standard of education for our students, encouraging them to reach for success.