Add Jewish Communal Service (M.A.)

Students completing the Jewish Communal Service program will be prepared to work professionally within the international, national and local Jewish community.

Scholarships Available


Gratz’s Jewish Communal Service program graduates combine their passion for Jewish living and values with the in-depth knowledge necessary to perpetuate Jewish institutions - and keep them thriving. As leaders in the global Jewish community, they are uniquely qualified to strengthen that community, support the individuals within it, and nurture new leaders to follow in their footsteps.

Graduates of the Masters in Jewish Communal Service program are employed in areas including development, programming and outreach for organizations such as Jewish camps, community centers, Hillel, Jewish federations, governing bodies and more.

Gratz College also offers a dual-degree MAJCS (CJCS)/MSW program with the University of Pennsylvania.

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Ask about the Gratz College Midcareer Fellowship for the Jewish Communal Service program.

Qualified Midcareer Fellows will receive a 25% scholarship and will also be eligible for an additional 20% scholarship.

Please also note the new, lower tuition for this program beginning Fall 2019 of $698 per credit.