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Gratz College
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Gratz College
Gratz College

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At Gratz College, the Library comes to you.

The Edna and Stanley Tuttleman Library is a private, academic library that primarily supports the online graduate programs of Gratz College. 

A place of connection for contemporary adult student engagement, the Library offers quality resources and dedicated staff to build confidence and ensure academic success at the college and graduate level. 

Did you know...?

The Library staff are available for one on one consultations? Set up a Zoom meeting with us via email at

New Resource

Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection
The Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection features the correspondence of Rebecca Gratz with family and friends beginning in 1799 until her death in 1869. As a Jewish American living in Philadelphia, she observed major events as the Republic took shape, such as the War of 1812 and, towards the end of her life, as it was tested in the US Civil War. A well-educated woman, Gratz was an avid reader and writer who left a significant amount of letters that detail not only her family life and concerns, but also her philanthropic work.

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Library Staff and Services

The Tuttleman Library is here to provide you with academic support throughout your time at Gratz College. The Library is understood as the print and digital resources in the collections and the staff providing you with access to materials and the assistance to complete your coursework and research.

We can help you locate information and evaluate your resources to make sure you are getting the most accurate information available. We can help you navigate the Web, discover helpful resources, or figure out which questions to ask to zero in on the best results. We also offer recommendations to save your work and create a personal library while completing your coursework and your dissertation, thesis, or capstone.

While the library operates largely online, we provide services to access print materials and use of physical spaces. Please use the sidebar on the right to see how we can assist you!

Library Staff


"My experience in the MAHGS program is full of superlatives. The professors were all fantastic and guided us through the material in expert fashion. The work was challenging, but I got through it okay and learned a lot... Also, the services I received at the library were top-notch! When I did engage the Gratz Library staff, their service was professional, friendly, and timely."

— John Damond, MAHGS '23

a portrait of Donna Geurin

Meet the Library Director

Donna Guerin, MLIS

My professional interests include access and preservation, socio-technological trends and communication, and the role of libraries in building communities. I love that Gratz touches on all of those things without being a traditional campus library. My staff and I tailor our work toward student-driven demands while providing high-quality resources and services. Take advantage of what the library has to offer!