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Gratz College follows the rules and regulations of ADA, FERPA, and Title IX among others. For more information, please see the Student Support Service section of the website.

Tutlleman Library respects your privacy. We will not disclose your questions, your check-outs, or your search history. Only you can see which books you have borrowed through your personal account.

We keep track of questions and survey answers for statistical purposes, but we do not have your personal information linked to it. This includes requests sent through email. 

The Library is a non-judgmental environment and strives to meet the needs of each individual. 

Electronic resources disclaimer 

Tuttleman Library collects statistics about the use of online library resources. These statistics are used to better manage resources and improve services for our students and faculty. The Library respects your privacy and never collects or saves personal information. By logging in and using the resources linked to on the web pages, you are agreeing to our policies and to being a responsible user.