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Nonprofit Management (M.S.)

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Gratz College’s online MS in Nonprofit Management (MSNPM) is a 36-credit (12 courses) graduate degree program designed for the working professional. Participants in the MSNPM program expand their understanding of the economic, ethical, organizational, social, and behavioral concepts which are critical to the management of organizations within the nonprofit sector.

This practitioner-oriented program emphasizes managerial development and leadership skills as well as a consideration of ethical and social principles as they apply to real world situations in a 21st century global community. Through the design, implementation and presentation of applied research projects, students will demonstrate that they have mastered the application of theoretical knowledge to the solution of practical nonprofit organizational challenges. Case studies and projects will focus on diverse organizations including social service providers, community service organizations, hospitals, educational institutions and as well as religious entities. 

Goals of the Program
Graduates of the MSNPM program will demonstrate the ability to:
  1. Lead diverse organizations toward the ethical achievementof strategic goals
  2. Articulate and implement change in diverse circumstances
  3. Analyze organizations from the structural, financial, human resource, and marketing perspectives
  4. Apply research and data to decision-making
  5. Apply the functional areas of management and donor relations in nonprofit settings

Ask about the Gratz College Midcareer Fellowship for the Nonprofit Management program.
Qualified Midcareer Fellows will receive a 25% scholarship and will also be eligible for an additional 20% scholarship.

There is still time to register for Spring A (January 4 to March 2).  Apply now!