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Informal Education in a Jewish Summer Day Camp Setting

Course Description

As the demands and pressures of teaching young people continue to put increased scrutiny on schools and teachers, there may be unfulfilled possibilities for informal education programs to supplement traditional classroom experiences. The course work will draw from both not-for-profit and for-profit Jewish camp settings to unpack the potentials of informal education to improve learning for students across the United States. The course will be a virtual learning experience, supported by videos, articles, books, case studies, virtual and live discussions.

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Course Learning Objectives
  1. Students will have a better understanding of Informal Education such as Jewish Summer Camp.
  2. Students will better understand their own role as Informal Educators.
  3. Students will learn how Informal Education in a Jewish Day Camp Setting has the potential to mitigate perceived education gaps.
  4. Students will develop their own view of Informal Education and how to incorporate that in their roles at camp. 

We are guessing you might have questions about this amazing opportunity – read on for answers.

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A photograph of Dave Malter

Meet the Program Director

Dave Malter, M.A., Ed.D. Doctoral Candidate
I have been involved with camps and youth development for over thirty years as a camper, counselor, administrator, teacher and consultant. My passions are deeply rooted in providing innovative educational content and opportunities for youth leaders at all levels. This program allows aspiring and experienced camp professionals to develop their leadership skills in a dynamic and meaningful environment. It fulfills the responsibility we all have to support other camp leaders and ensure the continued success of the youth development industry as a whole.