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a woman kneeling down to speak with a child in a classroom

Gratz College has graduate online programs for educators at every stage of their careers.

The highly regarded Master of Education (M.Ed.) helps teachers increase their earnings and earn promotions while enjoying courses that have direct application to the classroom; and the Gratz M.Ed. tuition is the most affordable in the region.

The Master’s Plus Certificate enables teachers to stay current with the latest educational trends and practices while earning professional education credits (+15, +30 and +60) and maximizing potential for continued upward mobility.

The new Master of Science in Teaching Practice promotes an advanced exploration of classroom teaching. Students will engage with both broad concepts abut education and society, as well as with their own practice as a classroom leader. This 10 course (30 credit) program allows students to continue graduate level course work while enrolled in a degree program. As with the Gratz M.Ed, the tuition is one of the most affordable in the region. 

The Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.) is for those working in or seeking leadership positions in PreK-12 Education, Higher Education, or Jewish Education. If you are ready for your next academic challenge and are excited about research in the field that can be directly applied to your education setting, this is the program for you.

NEW! Great News for Pennsylvania Teachers:

Gratz is pleased to announce that we have been granted permission by the PA Department of Education to offer endorsements in Creative Movement, Skills for Teacher Leadership, and Integrated STEM Learning. Endorsements highlight knowledge in new and emerging areas of teaching and learning. Students who hold an existing PA Level I or Level II certificate will be eligible for this with the completion of the four courses and the completion of both 25 hours of appropriate field work and the learning portfolio to identify, document and analyze this work.  Contact Philip Moore, M.Ed. program director for more information.

Choose from 5 education programs

A portrait of Rebecca Rice

As a teacher, my studies at Gratz provided me with the most recent information in my field to help me improve as a teacher. The impact I can pass along to my coworkers and students is priceless. As a teacher who completed my undergraduate degree nearly 30 years ago, I have gained more tools to help the children of the 21st century learn in a way that is best for their needs. I have learned more about how to best differentiate my instruction, how the brain works, and how personality affects learning. All of these tools have helped me to become a stronger educator.

— Rebecca Rice, '20, M.ED.