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Doctor of Education in Leadership

engaged female school administrator

The 48-credit Doctor of Education in Leadership (Ed.D) program is designed for educational professionals to enhance their leadership abilities in order to bring about change and innovation in a variety of  educational settings. The program emphasizes the development of leadership skills through self-reflection, analysis, and best practices used to solve real problems in the workplace through practical application. Through enhancing higher order thinking skills and ethical behavior, doctoral students will be prepared to handle a broad range of social, political, and economic forces impacting education today.

Guided by the principle of Tikkun Olam,  (Repair the World) the  Ed.D. program at Gratz advocates for learning that matters. Students are expected to understand, respond to, and influence the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context that drives education today.


The 48-credit program consists of eight core courses (24 credits) and six concentration courses in either Pre-K through 12 leadership, Higher Education Leadership, Jewish Education Leadership, or Organizational Dynamics. With permission from the Program Director, students may also elect to design their own concentration from other existing Gratz graduate program courses.

All students will complete 14 courses and then conclude the program with a six-credit Applied Dissertation. The program is designed to be completed in three years, with two, two and half day summer residencies at our annual Summer Institute required. All courses, are  3-credits and offered online in an 8-week accelerated model. The Summer Institute is currently delivered in a hybrid model, with the residency requirement being fulfilled by a virtual community experience. 

Students may enter the program in either Fall A or Spring A terms. 

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Meet the Program Director

Honour Moore, Ed.D.

As a lifelong learner myself I know the value of an advanced degree, but I also understand the commitment it requires. I encourage you to learn more about our program and to join us at Gratz College for a fulfilling and challenging experience. 

Meet Our Faculty

The Ed.D. faculty are an eclectic group of working professionals who specialize in sharing the academic journey with their doctoral students. They are facilitators of learning who help students relate academic theory to their practical experiences. Each course focuses on applying theory to real world experiences that students face every day in their own professional practice. While coming from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, each one of our faculty treats each student as an individual. At Gratz you always receive personal attention, you are never just one of a group. In keeping with our focus on Tikum Olam (Repair the World) we focus on making an impact for the betterment of education, in whatever form that takes for each individual.

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