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Master's Plus Certificate

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This program is for educators who already hold a master's degree but need additional graduate courses for Master’s Plus 15/30/60 certification. Each course offered at Gratz is three credits.

The Certificate in Distinguished Teaching & Learning affords the opportunity to improve one’s educational practices through a completely customizable curriculum, while also building a professional portfolio. 

Guided by the principle of Tikkun Olam, the program advocates for learning that matters, for transformative potential in education, and for advancing the ideas of equity, inclusion and social action.


The Master's Plus program is designed for students who already hold a Master's of Education. 

The 8 week, asynchronous courses will offer students active learning opportunities to reflect on their teaching practice, share insights and learning with each other, and take new ideas back to their instructional spaces.

Students may take any courses of their choice from the Master's level education course selection. Students begin with Master's Plus 15 and may continue on to Master's Plus 30/45/60 to meet professional education requirements leading to salary increases and promotions. 

Please note: this program does not lead to professional state licensure or certification.

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Photo of Philip Moore, Ed.D.

Meet the Program Director


Meet Our Faculty

The Gratz College learning community is shaped by our amazing faculty. Our instructors come from a variety of educational spaces including schools, arts organizations and state agencies. As facilitators of the learning process, their goal is to inspire students towards reflection and deep thinking about teaching and learning. They share a passion for education, and view their role as collaborators in providing applicable course content and resources, and helping students to connect this learning to their individual teaching practices. 

education Faculty

The most meaningful thing I learned during my graduate school experience is the power of positive relationships. I have learned so much from my professors and classmates. These positive relationships showed me how to persevere no matter what challenges lay ahead. 

— Leandra Poole, M.Ed. student

A portrait of Leandra Poole