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Master of Science in Teaching Practice

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The M.S in Teaching Practice promotes a deeper thinking about your classroom practice and the role of education in society. The ten course (30 credit) program is designed for teachers with at least five years of teaching experience. As with the other education programs at Gratz, the program advocates for learning that matters, for transformative potential in education, and for advancing ideas of equity, inclusion and social action. 

The program includes the Grossman Seminar On Contemporary Issues in Education. This course offers students a chance to hear from visiting scholars and to explore a contemporary issue based on their scholarly and professional practices. The Educational Inquiry and Capstone class allows students to research a specific issue in education, and to complete an applied project related to their professional practice. 

Students select from concentrations in Teacher Leadership and Creative Movement to explore emerging areas of research and practice, or students can create their own integrated concentration from among any EDU courses. 

Students who hold an existing Pennsylvania Level I or Level II certificate will be eligible for the state endorsement in Creative Movement PreK-12 with the completion of the four courses and the completion of both 25 hours of appropriate field work and the learning portfolio to identify, document and analyze this work. 

The Pennsylvania state endorsement highlights knowledge in new and emerging areas of learning. It does not replace a certificate required to teach in any specific content area. 


Guided by the principle of Tikkun Olam, the program advocates for learning that matters, for transformative potential in education, and for advancing the ideas of equity, inclusion and social action.

The best part was how the instructor connected the course content and the students' responses/work. The weekly videos added a personal touch to the online platform and made me feel more connected to the instructor and the other students.
— Anonymous Student Evaluation


The MS in Teaching Practice approaches teaching as an ever evolving practice. We believe that teachers remain at the frontier of teaching practice by continually asking questions; as such, this program looks to facilitate the asking of better, deeper and more reflective questions about the purpose and organization of education in American society, about broad concepts of equity, inclusion and opportunity, and about how teachers can advance their own positions on these issues to repair the world.

Students select from two focused concentrations to explore emerging areas of research related to teacher leadership or creative movement. These courses will have direct application to professional practice. All courses are offered in 8 week, asynchronous course formats. 

Please note: this program does not lead to professional state licensure or certification.

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Philip Moore, program director

Meet the Program Director


Thank you for your interest in the Education M.S. program! I have been teaching adult students since 2002 and believe that the best learning experiences are focused on promoting personal reflection.  I invite you to reach out directly with any questions about the program.

Meet Our Faculty

The Gratz College learning community is shaped by our amazing faculty. Our instructors come from a variety of educational spaces including schools, arts organizations and state agencies. As facilitators of the learning process, their goal is to inspire students towards reflection and deep thinking about teaching and learning. They share a passion for education, and view their role as collaborators in providing applicable course content and resources, and helping students to connect this learning to their individual teaching practices. 

education Faculty

The most meaningful thing I learned during my graduate school experience is the power of positive relationships. I have learned so much from my professors and classmates. These positive relationships showed me how to persevere no matter what challenges lay ahead. 

— Leandra Poole, M.Ed. student

A portrait of Leandra Poole