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Holocaust and Genocide Education Resources

Holocaust Education Newsletter
Fall 2022 / 5783

Dear Friends,

As the anniversary of Kristallnacht approaches, we are reminded of the desperate effort of German and Austrian Jews to flee the violence and escalating persecution. Tragically our world continues to echo such anxiety, as countless refugees flee for safety from more violence, more wars. May we learn from the past, offering not only safety but, as tradition teaches us, true welcome.

Josey G. Fisher, Editor
Holocaust Education Consultant

Holocaust youth art

Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition

Please encourage your students in Grades 7-12 to submit and support their participation. More information.

Ken Burns Holocaust film image

The U.S. and the Holocaust

PBS Learning Media: Film clips and additional resources provide classroom access to Ken Burns’ epic six-hour film. More information.


NEW Education Resources

ADL: Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era
Historical context intertwined with prevalent myths find echoes in current times.

Yad Vashem: The Life of the Jews in Germany After the Nazi Rise to Power 
Brief overview of the Jews in Germany in the 1930s including the boycott of Jewish businesses, Nuremberg Laws, and Kristallnacht. (5 min.)

IWitness – USCShoah Foundation
In Lisa’s Footsteps: A Virtual IWalk for Lisa of Willesden Lane 
Visual lesson plan for middle school follows the footsteps of Lisa Jura, a young Viennese musician rescued through the Kindertransport. Based on Lisa of Willesden Lane and The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen.

More resources through “The Willesden Project

Echoes and Reflections
New and revised teaching units include:
Liberation, Jewish Resistance, Rescue & Righteous Among the Nations, Complicity & Responsibility, and Justice, Life, & Memory after the Holocaust   

"Explore the Past, Shape the Future"
Direct-to-student resources, offering foundational learning on the Holocaust, with a focus on historical and contemporary antisemitism, prewar Jewish life, and enhanced media literacy skills.

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