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Human Rights

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M.A. and B.A.

The degrees in Human Rights prepare students for careers in NGOs and nonprofits, advocacy, disaster relief, government relations, public health, civil rights, and diplomacy. They are designed for those committed to social justice and the equality of all people, which is especially urgent in today’s troubled world. This online program gives students skills for meaningful work that can make a real difference in helping to repair our broken world.

“Human Rights” refers to the basic rights of dignity and equality that belong to all human beings, regardless of gender, sex, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, or any other status as established through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. 

Online courses are asynchronous and taught in 8-week accelerated sessions. Students interact and engage in dynamic discussions through the online Forum.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

— The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Master of Arts in Human Rights

The online M.A. in Human Rights consists of 9 Human Rights courses and a Capstone project in an area of Human Rights or an Internship with a Human Rights organization.  

Students take courses in areas such as Civil Rights and Race Relations, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Sexual Identity and Gender Rights, and Refugee Rights, among others. 

Bachelor of Arts in Judaism and Human Rights

The B.A. in Judaism and Human Rights is a specialized undergraduate completion program. This degree provides students with the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree previously started at another institution. Students will take courses in Jewish Studies, Human Rights, and other related disciplines. 

Students will learn how the values of human rights are deeply embedded within Judaism. Gratz College was founded on principles of Jewish values and ethics, which include an intrinsic concern for all human rights and the furthering of human understanding. People who have the knowledge and expertise to promote human rights and understanding are increasingly in demand.

Students who complete the B.A. may then take an additional 18 credits to earn the M.A. in Human Rights as well. 

Please click on the Program Paths button below for more details on program requirements.

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Meet Our Faculty


The Gratz College faculty for the Human Rights program has many areas of expertise, including the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, social justice, international human rights violations, patriarchy and women’s rights, etc. The faculty believes deeply in the rights all human beings share and wants to transmit that vision to our students.