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Gratz College
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Jewish Studies

*Ph.D., M.A., and Certificates

The Jewish Studies program at Gratz College provides options for students to explore a wide range of topics in Jewish history, culture, religion, language, text, and the ever-evolving Jewish community of today. It is ideal for students who want to expand Jewish literacy and deepen their understanding of Jewish heritage through academic study and reflection. Students seeking challenging personal enrichment (Torah L'Shma - learning for its own sake) will find this program to be a perfect match.  Applicants from any religious or cultural background are all equally welcome to participate.

Current students and graduates of Gratz College degrees in Jewish Studies, Jewish Professional Studies, Jewish Education, or Holocaust and Genocide Studies programs can receive a concentration in Israel Education through our partnership with the iCenter. Learn more about the iFellows Master's Concentration in Israel Education.

Three men sitting around a table talking

"Find yourself a teacher and acquire for yourself a friend; and judge each person favorably.”  

— Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of Our Fathers: Chapter 1, Mishna 6

I enjoyed being able to study Jewish subjects and to hear different perspectives from fellow students, all while being in the comfort of my home. I enjoyed my learning experience at Gratz College and would recommend it to anyone trying to receive a better understanding of Judaism in today's modern society.

— Stephen Goldenberg, Jewish Studies student



  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) – *Coming Soon
    The Doctorate in Jewish Studies (Ph.D.) is a 48-credit program with the goal of preparing students to be public scholars who will provide intellectual leadership for the contemporary Jewish community.
  • Master of Arts - The Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (M.A.J.S.) is a 36-credit graduate degree which covers both classical and modern subject areas. Basic Hebrew language skills may be confirmed upon admission or taken in addition to the standard course of study.
  • Graduate Certificate -  Students may take any 4 courses of interest at the graduate level to fill in specific knowledge gaps, pursue areas of passion, or explore new ideas. 

Students in all programs will enjoy a range of perspectives and dynamic dialogue with classmates and faculty. Please see more information under Program Paths.

View Course Offerings Program Paths

Meet the Program Director

Professor Davis spent Spring 2020 in Prague, until COVID drove him home.  You can read his wonderful Prague Blog here.

Meet Our Faculty

The Gratz College Jewish Studies faculty includes scholars with expertise in Jewish thought, history, rabbinics, bible, law, Hebrew and Yiddish. Gratz professors have presented their research at national and international conferences, published numerous academic works and journal articles and held prestigious fellowships. The outstanding Jewish Studies faculty is equally committed to their students' personal, academic and professional growth.

jewish studies Faculty