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Summer Institute

A college-wide event in July where we come together and learn from each other.

The Summer Institute at Gratz provides a once a year, virtual space for the Gratz community to explore a topic and share in some speakers and workshops. Additionally, we encourage students and faculty to join us for some networking and fellowship opportunities, social events, and more.

SI 2022: Reimagining Libraries in the 21st Century.

All education involves engagement with information. At the same time, the access to and delivery of information is not neutral. As we have seen in our contemporary culture, this is a consideration that is both theoretical and practical. How do we evolve our own powers of critical thinking, assessment and literacy with available information? For those of us who are teachers, how do we advance these skills to our students? 

Libraries have traditionally played an essential role in the collection, organization and distribution of information. As members of an online college community, we should consider the availability of resources not limited to a physical space. With the movement to online have seen traditional libraries pivot their own work to remain sites for community, creation, and information access. There is a lot of room to be futurists and imagine what the 21st Century library looks like for us.

We want to acknowledge the opportunities beyond text-based collections for the curation of information. Virtual museums, visual media, and field trips, for example, are redefining the ways we receive information. Social media, as we all know, has already changed the ways we share information. 

This topic is intentionally broad to allow for students and teachers to make direct connections to their courses and personal and professional concerns. It includes information literacy, academic research, rethinking the traditional library and alternative ways of collecting, curating and distributing information, and what types of legacy we want to leave to future generations.


SI 2022 Speaker Panel

Shannon Herzik
K-6 Librarian,
Pinon Valley Elementary
Colorado Springs, CO

Catharine Findiesen Hays
Library Director,
The Bixby Memorial Free Library
Vergennes, VT

Michelle Margolis Chesner
Norman E. Alexander Librarian for Jewish Studies, 
Columbia University

Edward “Cotton” Coslett 
Online Learning Librarian,
California State University at Fullerton


SI 2022 Closing Keynote

Scott Carlson

Senior Staff Writer at 'The Chronicle of Higher Education'

Library Places, Campus Spaces: What role does the library and its building play on the modern college campus today? If students and researchers aren’t reading paper materials, do we need a campus library at all? This discussion will discuss how libraries have evolved over the past 20 years on college campuses, how they have grappled with the challenges of the Internet age, and what roles they might play at colleges in the future.


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This program has not only enhanced my academic knowledge but has been transformative for me in my profession. 

2020 Grad, Ann P., Doctorate in Educational Leadership

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A portion of Summer Institute 2022 was made possible by alumna Miriam R. Grossman, M.A. Jewish Studies, 1988; Bachelor Of Hebrew Literature, 1951