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accepting applicants NOW

Master of Arts Degree in Antisemitism Studies

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro

We’re seeing a dangerous rise in antisemitism, hatred, and bigotry across our country – and it’s more important than ever that Pennsylvanians be equipped with a thorough knowledge of our shared history and the skills to discern fact from fiction. Gratz College is already renowned for its Holocaust and Genocide Studies programs, and I am encouraged the College is expanding upon that work with a new Master’s degree in Antisemitism Studies. I wish the faculty, staff, and especially the inaugural class of Antisemitism Studies students, great success in their work.


Dr. Jonathan Sarna

Americans of all kinds need to know much more than they currently do about antisemitism. Gratz College's new program is both timely and necessary.

Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University

PA Representative Jared Solomon

Given the spike in antisemitic incidents across the United States, there is an urgent need for innovative pedagogical development of institutional skills and practices to fight antisemitism, racism, and hatred of all forms. Gratz College’s new Master’s degree in Antisemitism Studies is a critical first step in the creation and deployment of a contemporary approach that meets this moment.

Co-Chair of the Black-Jewish Caucus

Dr. Gunter Jikeli

Gratz College's new M.A. Program in Antisemitism Studies is the first of its kind in the country. This is much needed in a time of growing antisemitism.

Associate Professor, Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism at Indiana University

Professor R. Amy Elman

With an emphasis on operationalizing knowledge, informed teaching and ethical advocacy, Gratz’s innovative graduate program fulfills a deep need in countering antisemitism.

Professor of Political Science, Kalamazoo College

Miriam Elman

With curriculum relevant to both educators and practitioners, the new program will equip students with the knowledge and skills sets that they need to support the American Jewish community at a troubling and challenging time.

Academic Engagement Network

Dr. Johannes D. Enstad

I wholeheartedly endorse the creation of an M.A. program in Antisemitism Studies at Gratz College. Events following the 7 October massacre in Israel have reminded everyone who pays attention that antisemitism is indeed a persistent, mobile, and adaptable kind of prejudice which is not about to go away. For societies that take pride in democratic openness, inclusivity, and diversity, the stigmatization and marginalization of Jews is a serious warning sign. In order to heed that warning and effectively address the issue, we need a pool of people who are dedicated to understanding the wicked problem of antisemitism, researching its causes and mechanisms, and teaching others. The proposed M.A. program in Antisemitism Studies will help attain this crucial goal.

Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Research, Norway

Dr. Charles C. McNeal

It is an honor to endorse this new masters program in Antisemitism Studies at Gratz college. It is critically important to see this type of leadership at this critical time in history. This program will no doubt become a landmark program endeavor suitable for replication around the world.

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education and Learning Initiatives, Brandeis University

Dr. Matthias J. Becker

The Master of Arts Degree in Antisemitism Studies offered by Gratz College is particularly pertinent in the current context. The establishment of more such centers is imperative, given the prevalent disconnect between the realms of academia, education, and advocacy. Strategies designed to combat the resurgent tide of antisemitism, as witnessed today, necessitate a robust foundation in scholarly inquiry. Yet, equally crucial is the translation of this knowledge into actionable measures. Gratz College deserves commendation for institutionally emphasizing this critical linkage, imparting these insights to succeeding generations.

Lead of Decoding Antisemitism, TU Berlin


Gratz College's M.A. in Antisemitism Studies, a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary graduate program in the U.S., prepares students for successful careers in Jewish community organizations, education, advocacy, government relations, and public policy, among others. With antisemitism on the rise and following the horrific events of 10/7, it is more important than ever that interested individuals develop a deep knowledge of historical and contemporary antisemitism, and a functional skillset that prepares them to combat Jew-hatred and root out prejudice more broadly.
Following the model of Gratz's world-leading graduate program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, the M.A. in Antisemitism Studies will operate as a 36-credit online degree. Students will take either 11 courses and complete a final project (3 credits) or 10 courses and a thesis (6 credits). The degree will consist of a core course sequence to build foundational knowledge of antisemitism and racism and concentration-based electives, allowing students to develop expert knowledge in subjects curated to their professional aspirations and demands. Students seeking a Graduate Certificate in Antisemitism Studies will take four courses (12 credits) of their choosing from available Antisemitism Studies course offerings.

Students will choose two of three possible degree concentrations:



The Research Concentration prepares students with the data skills necessary to engage in academic-quality research examining contemporary antisemitism and comparative prejudice.

Novel courses include:

  • Antisemitism & Applied Data Design: Surveys, Incident Reports, and Experiments
  • Operationalizing Jewish Hate: Attitudes, Beliefs, Discrimination, and Political Violence


The Teaching Concentration trains students on antisemitism pedagogy, focusing on curriculum development, program design, and intervention assessment.

Novel courses include:

  • Teaching Contemporary Antisemitism through Museums and Memorials
  • Antisemitism Pedagogy: Frameworks for an Effective Curriculum
  • Teaching the Holocaust


The Advocacy Concentration trains students on community and organizational approaches to combatting antisemitism.

Novel courses include:

  • Interfaith Alliances: Jewish-Christian & Jewish-Muslim Bridgebuilding
  • Confronting Modern Black-Jewish Relations: Mapping a Way Forward
  • Using Technology to Build Community and Grow Your Organization

The degree concentration pairings are designed to maximize knowledge application for specific professions.

Research + Teaching = those pursuing doctoral degrees, careers in education and higher-education, and those interested in curatorial work
Advocacy + Research = those interested in working for civil rights organizations, think tanks, and government
Teaching + Advocacy = those intending to work in Jewish community organizations and the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) sphere


Dr. Ayal Feinberg portrait

Meet dr. ayal feinberg

Dr. Ayal Feinberg is the Director of the Center for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights at Gratz College, where he serves as an Associate Professor of Political Science & Antisemitism Studies. He has worked as a Quantitative Research Fellow for the Anti-Defamation League and volunteers his time and expertise at several Jewish communal organizations. His research has been widely featured in leading journals and media outlets such as the Journal of Peace Research, Perspectives on Politics, International Interactions, Religion & Politics, PS: Political Science & Politics, Contemporary Jewry, International Negotiation, Harvard National Security Journal, Southeast European & Black Sea Studies, and The Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage.” Further, his scholarship is frequently utilized by practitioners and policymakers concerned with the insecurity of marginalized groups and the perseverance of the Jewish community. His bias-incident analysis was inducted into the Congressional Record during the 2019 House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “Hate Crime and the Rise of White Nationalism.”


Meet Our growing affiliate Faculty

Gratz College's Antisemitism Studies affiliated faculty are internationally recognized scholars, educators, advocates, and community leaders. Gratz professors have published and edited critical research on antisemitism, overseen some of the world's most significant antisemitism survey projects, been at the forefront of advancing antisemitism education at the state and national levels, and have decades of combined experience serving as Jewish community leaders and civil rights advocates. Gratz faculty are deeply committed to their students' personal, academic, and professional growth, helping them reduce hate and bigotry in the United States and around the world. 


Contact Mindy Blechman, Associate Director of Admissions for more information.

Antisemitism Studies Lecture Series

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