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Gratz College Non-Matriculated Student Course Registration Form

Registration for non-matriculated students starts two weeks after registration for matriculated students.

Applicant Information

Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Address Information
Demographic Information
Legal Sexrequired
Are you a US Citizen?required
Do you have an undergraduate degree?required
Ethnicity: Select one or more of the following racesrequired
Education Information
Are you an Elizabethtown College student?
Are you a Gratz College board member?required
Are you a Gratz College alumnus? required
Are you a K-12 Educator? required

Course Information

Are you registering for a graduate or undergraduate course?required
Please indicate how many courses you plan on taking this semesterrequired
Are you auditing?

Course 2

Are you Auditing?

Collection of Social Security Number
We need to collect your social security number but will not collect it on this form. To complete your registration, please call Hope Matles at 215-635-7300 x172.

Non-matriculated Course Policy:
Students not admitted to a degree program (non-matriculating students) are permitted to register for up to 6 credits. After earning 6 credits students must be admitted to a degree program or seek permission from the Academic Dean to continue to enroll in classes as a non-matriculated student.

Questions about your course?
Please contact or 215-635-7300 x172

Questions about tuition and fees?
Tuition and fees can be found on our website

You can also contact Karen West in the billing office at 215-635-7300 Ext. 163 or