Board of Governors

The Board of Governors, consisting of up to 36 persons, has primary responsibility for oversight of the College. The Board selects the President of the College and establishes policies related to governance, course of studies and management of the College's resources and assets.  The Board meets 6 times a year. 

Executive Committee

1. *Michelle Portnoff, Esq., Chairperson
2. *Kathy Elias, Board Secretary
3. Lawrence B. Fine, Esq., Vice Chair
4. *Rabbi Erin Hirsh, Interim President
5. Leon L. Levy, Chair, Investments Committee
6. Rabbi Lance Sussman, Ph.D., Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
7. David H. Weinstein, Esq., Treasurer


8. Paul Auerbach, Esq.
9. David Brawer
10. Daniel C. Cohen, Esq.
11. Lowell H. Dubrow, Esq.
12. David Gordon
13. Rabbi Albert Gabbai
14. Carl Goldstein
15. *Sandra Lilienthal, Ed.D.
16. Morton S. Mandell, M.D.
17. Larry Pitt, Esq.
18. *Jack Porter, Ed.D.
19. *Sharon Portnoff. Ph.D.
20. Ben Stein, Chair, Financial Reporting Sub-Committee
21. *Saul Wachs, Ph.D., Faculty Representative
22. Jonathan Wallace