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Biblical Hebrew Online provides an introductory experience in the language of the Bible for students who can decode (phonetically read) Hebrew.  The course focuses on the fundamentals of biblical Hebrew’s grammatical structures and constructs, including its elaborate root word system and its...

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Semester: Online with live webinars on Wednesday evenings, 8:00-9:30pm EST ( 15 weeks: January 2 – April 23)

(Formerly Business Ethics in Jewish Law) The issue of business ethics has been prominent in the news recently because several large American corporations have been accused of serious fraud violations. Jewish law contains a great deal of discussion concerning business practices and business...

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Semester: Summer B: June 19 - August 13


Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share common human lifecycle events, and these are commemorated in rituals for birth, entering adulthood, marriage, and death. In addition, the three Abrahamic faiths observe holy days, celebrations, and fast days and follow religious observances specified in...

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Semester: Spring B: February 27- April 23


This course explores the book of Job and Biblical views of human suffering. The clash between simple concepts of Divine retribution and the realities of life as seen in Job will be discussed, (Classical)

Semester: Traditional Semester: January 2 – April 23

This course explores the common roots of ancient Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity in the first five centuries CE. We study both the theological similarities between the two movements and the ways in which they developed into distinctly different religious traditions. Topics to be covered...

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Semester: Fall A: August 22-October 16

Judaism and Islam are in many ways extraordinarily similar and, in other respects, very different. To study them side by side increases our understanding of each one. The course will assume that students have some knowledge of Judaism, but little knowledge of Islam. Topics include an...

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Semester: Hybrid (Begins online June 19 and meets on campus at Summer Institute Wednesday, July 18- Friday, July 20)


Lessons of the Holocaust reflect current concerns with racism and propaganda, ethical aspects of science and government as well as illustrate the complexities of human behavior and moral choice. This unique course will provide educators with significant historical, sociological and psychological...

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Semester: Summer B: June 19 – August 13, 2018

Many early childhood educators would like to teach Torah stories to young children, but are not sure of how to approach narratives that often have complex themes or contain difficult situations.  This course explores the reasons for working through these complexities in order to teach Torah to...

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Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18

This seminar is designed to give a sociological overview of the contemporary Jewish family in the context of Jewish history and tradition. The traditional Jewish family, the "Non-traditional" Jewish family, the role of both single and dual career families, the impact of divorce, and devising a...

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Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26