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This seminar is designed to give a sociological overview of the contemporary Jewish family in the context of Jewish history and tradition. The traditional Jewish family, the "Non-traditional" Jewish family, the role of both single and dual career families, the impact of divorce, and devising a...

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Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26

This course will survey the history and present state of the Jewish Diaspora, focusing on the Jewish communities apart from the United States.

Semester: Online Fall Semester A: August 22 to October 23


In the Jewish world, one basic skill is to know how to how to fashion a discussion, a devar Torah, or a short sermon on  the Torah portion that is read that week in synagogue, called in Hebrew the parashat ha-shavua. In the last three books of the Torah. there are many portions that have little...

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Semester: Online Fall Semester B: October 24 to December 18