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This seminar is designed to give a sociological overview of the contemporary Jewish family in the context of Jewish history and tradition. The traditional Jewish family, the "Non-traditional" Jewish family, the role of both single and dual career families, the impact of divorce, and devising a...

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Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26

This course will survey the history and present state of the Jewish Diaspora, focusing on the Jewish communities apart from the United States.

Semester: Online Fall Semester A: August 22 to October 23

This course will deal with the foundations of the nonprofit organization in U.S. tax law as well as the associated questions of governance and fiduciary responsibilities of the governing board.  The focus of instruction will be on the operating nonprofit organization and its relationships with...

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Semester: Summer A: April 24 to June 18


In the Jewish world, one basic skill is to know how to how to fashion a discussion, a devar Torah, or a short sermon on  the Torah portion that is read that week in synagogue, called in Hebrew the parashat ha-shavua. In the last three books of the Torah. there are many portions that have little...

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Semester: Online Fall Semester B: October 24 to December 18