Course Offerings


The concept paper focuses on formulating the research questions and writing the concept paper. Once the dissertation advisor is satisfied with the results, the concept paper will be sent to the Program Chair for approval. This approval must be obtained before work may be done on the proposal...

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This course will focus on the ethical and moral issues facing administrators in educational institutions. Current topics, using recent case studies, will be examined and analyzed from the perspective of educational leadership.

Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26

An analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing educational leaders in the diverse cultures of communities as reflected in schools and colleges, with an emphasis on application of theories of leadership in cultural contexts.

Semester: Spring B: February 27- April 23


An examination and analysis of the ethical and legal issues peculiar to Jewish education institutions and their relationship to those commonly found in secular institutions. This course will utilize case studies of current issues and their application to individual student experiences. (Jewish...

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Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18


This course will introduce EdD students to the expectations of doctoral study and provide a road map for successful completion of the degree program. Among the topics to be covered: an overview of types of doctoral research, the Institutional Review Board process, selecting and refining the...

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Semester: Self-paced online course for new doctoral students. Course opens for the summer at start of Semester A: April 24, 2018


An analysis of the organization, structure, and function of higher education, including an examination of the role of mission, academic administration, student services, financial planning, and institutional advancement. ( Higher Education Concentration)

Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18


Designed to provide guidance in the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of research reports and methods commonly used in education and the social sciences. Students will apply this knowledge in their concept paper as they identify an applied action research area of interest, prepare a...

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Semester: Hybrid course ( Begins online June 19,2018. Students come to Summer Institute on campus ( July 15- July 17)


An examination and analysis of process and steps necessary to determine need and to create and evaluate appropriate projects within an educational organization.

Semester: Hybrid Course ( Begins online June 19, 2018. Students come to Summer Institute on campus (July 17 – July 19)


An analysis of the role of internal and external governance and structures in k-12 education. This course explores the politics involved in school district governance and the leadership skills necessary to effectively lead in competing relationships. ( K – 12 Concentration)

Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18