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Course Offerings - Graduate Certificate in Hebrew Instruction

Using simulated immersion, this course will focus on the theories and methodologies for teaching Hebrew as an instructed language. Students will explore teaching techniques primarily for speaking and understanding a second language with an emphasis on developing grammar and vocabulary. A variety of languages will be used to demonstrate various principles and teaching methods. This course is designed for those who teach Hebrew to students who are native speakers of English.
Participants in this course will learn the basic theories of second language acquisition, especially as it applies to native speakers of English who are acquiring Hebrew as a second language. From input and interaction to the development of interlanguage and the role of one’s native language, this course will provide a framework for understanding how students learn Hebrew and what teachers can do to facilitate student learning.
This course will be divided into two sections. The first will focus on teaching Hebrew reading and writing to beginning students. Starting with oral language activities for pre-readers, we will explore the best practices for introducing Hebrew phonics and beginning reading. The second half of the course will focus on developing students’ skills in Hebrew reading and language arts.
When is an error not wrong? How can you measure the progress your students are making? How can you evaluate your own courses to make sure you are achieving the goals you desire? When should you correct an error and when should you ignore it? The answer to these crucial questions will form the core of this course. Participants will learn several evaluation techniques and will also receive a crash course in error analysis so they will be able to diagnose the different types of errors, their root causes and how best to help students learn to self-correct.
No matter what textbook or instructional program you use, there will always be a need for creating supplementary materials for your courses. Whether you need to create games for teaching basic vocabulary or advanced activities to explore Hebrew literature this course will give you the opportunity to create a portfolio of materials designed to meet the specific needs of your classroom and students.